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Oh my goodness. Ok so I took on quite the hair transformation endeavor all by myself today. These were the products involved. I put a few highlights to start with the natural color I already had. I simply mixed the bleach and chose a few strands all throughout my hair and pulled it through to the tip. Let that sit on for about 30 mins I think? I liked how those turned out. Then I had the great idea of trying to lighten it all over and used this color corrector I was told to use because it doesn’t involve bleach and isn’t as damaging to the hair. So I did it not once, but twice. I though it was so cool how it lightened up my hair. To my surprise it was significantly lighter. This is the closest to my natural color I’ve seen my hair in yrs. So I was excited to put a deeper and more vibrant red in. I mixed two shades and medium intense red blonde and intense red, both level 7. I’ve never used either color before and thought why not mix them because I like both colors. I will be taking pics of the end result and posting those soon. It’s definitely red! REALLy red. It will take a few days to get used to for sure. A total of 10 shampoos and 4 blow dries. It was a lot of work and exhausting, but fun! I like doing my hair myself because A. I save money. B. I’m very picky and if it doesn’t turn out, I’m the only one to blame. :)

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