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Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Fair to Remember(Bryan+Cristina=Engaged!!!)AZ State Fair Photography

One of my dearest friends Cristina is getting married! I can’t believe it! I love this girl. I will miss her being my wing woman in this silly single scene. boo. She asked me to do her engagements at the AZ State Fair grounds and I was MORE than elated! I’ve always wanted to do this and I’ve never been to the fair yet, so I was really excited! She hasn’t announced to anyone that she is engaged! I love that she waited to have the portraits taken and announce it with pictures! So fun! I love being “in” on a secret! So I designed this just for her! I just love how they turned out. It was a definite challenge for sure. The sky ride shots were the scariest thing I’ve ever done with photography yet, and I don’t get scared easily. I guess when you’re holding a full frame camera, 70 to 200 heavy lens, mono pod and flash, up a hundred feet in the air and trying to balance it all without falling or dropping equipment, meanwhile the ride jerks all over the place,while helping to direct them, while turning around backwards, can be QUITE the challenge, […]

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Bryan+Connie=Engaged-Mesa Arizona Wedding Photographer

I met with Bryan a few months ago to discuss their upcoming wedding taking place November 12, 2010. He was sold on my work when he first saw me online a long time ago and said to himself when he gets married again someday he would have me be his photographer. He went on and on about how amazing my work is being a photographer himself! I was so thrilled to hear all of this! I thought how fun! I love having fans who appreciate what I do. He had to get his lovely fiance “on board” and sell her on my photography. He got back to me to tell me it was an easy sale because he’s a great salesman! In an email this is what he recently wrote me “I really love them all! You are everything I thought you would be! It’s so funny, originally I had to sell you to Connie, and now you are her favorite person in the whole world! Lol!!” I just love that! I first met Connie at the engagement session itself. I was a little apprehensive about what to expect with her so I brought along all sorts of props and […]

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F a c e b o o k ?   C l i c k   H e r e !