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today I’m grateful….

Today I’m grateful for being a Photographer and being able to do what I love and also LOVE what I do full time. It makes me happier than you know. Being an “Entrepreneur” in general is not always the “steadiest” of incomes as some of you may know and at times, it can get scary not knowing where your next “shoot” or sale will come from, but they always seem to come. The Lord has blessed me! I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about finding what you love to do in life, and figuring out a way to get paid for it. I’m living that dream every day and it makes me smile. I may not be rich or even a millionaire yet, but I’m sure loving my journey to success, and all the “bumps”, and “bruises”, and life’s lessons I’m learning along the way. I’ve come a long way since I became a Photographer (many years ago) and also since I started my own company just over 3 yrs ago. And I’m only just beginning. I’ve yet to tap into my own genius and it’s very exciting! I wish you all continued success in your own personal journeys to find what YOU love and to figure out a way to get paid for it. Blessings!….e

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