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sam b of the band fat tree | professional studio portrait photographer | elle j. schabel

mr. GQ. ryan reynolds. ryan gosling. charles kelley (of lady antebellum), all of which this guy has been “mistaken” mr. sam bischof, “the bearded gentleman.” there’s really nothing this man can’t do. he oozes with talent. he reminds me a lot of myself, only he’s better, younger, more attractive, and well has more facial hair. ha. singer, songwriter, guitarist, in a band called FAT TREE he’s also a photographer/videographer/artist/model/actor/ & his cologne and clothing line will be launched soon just kidding about the cologne & clothing line but it wouldn’t shock me. the list does go on… he’s also a great and loyal friend who loves dogs and hiking and the outdoors. and oh long walks on the beach, and traveling, and he’s single. please save him from the tinder app! go check him out ladies! here’s your chance in person to swoon over his good looks and music talent! They are soon to launch their new album and have a launch party April 25th, CLICK HERE FOR PARTY DETAILS! if you’re in a band, like to pretend you’re in a band, or would just like some snazzy professional studio headshots like, Sam’s, give me a ring! Bookings start […]

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