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Jess (Barbie) and Kent | Saguaro Lake Ranch Engagements

I met Kent about 4 years ago at a singles party. He stands out for sure. Not just because he is 6’5 and ridiculously good looking, but he has a bright and kind spirit and is a great listener. He is one of the most kind, caring, and patient men I have met. I have followed his journey of Dental school, dating, spiritual growths, break-ups, and now finding “the one” on Facebook and his old blog. He is a bright light and a great man. I’ve always been impressed by his spirit. I couldn’t wait to find out who this lucky girl would be, that he would choose for eternity. When I saw the announcement via Facebook, I immediately reached out to both of them to congratulate them. I really wanted to be the one to document this time of their lives. I’ve always thought fondly of Kent and have always wanted to see him with a bright light as bright as his. He found Jessica, aka, Jess and it’s been fun to watch their relationship unfold and blossom. Throughout our photo shoots and dozens of texts and emails back and forth, I have gotten to know Jess and have […]

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katie+grant | engaged

These two exude happiness! this girl was all grins and giggles because her man is pretty amazing.  They’ve waited their missions for each other, which I’m pretty sure felt like a lifetime, when you love someone. All men should make their women feel this happy and special.  The light in their eyes was darling to witness. They are young and in love and I couldn’t be happier for them and getting to share in their joy by being able to capture their wedding day too, just in a few weeks!  

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