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star light star bright

so i may have discovered a new obsession, thanks to my good friend, Sam. i’ve always wanted to capture stars. not sure why I haven’t until now. sometimes we just need some inspiration and a push to do things outside of our comfort zone. I don’t consider myself much of a landscape Photographer as I LOVE interacting with people. However, I simply adore nature and my moments I get to discover it and fall in love more and more with this beautiful state in which I live. Here are a few of my first attempts ever in my life. (it’s not as easy as one would think) it entails driving many miles, hiking in the dark chilly nights, freezing cold hands as you manually focus and wait 30 seconds for the long exposure, to see if you got anything good. did I mention freezing cold hands? (taking one for the team here on these works of art and one of a kind pieces I’m selling as canvas gallery wraps.) the stars and moon and anything in the sky move in those 30 seconds. it’s so fun to see what you an capture in the night’s sky. some images look like […]

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solar eclipse | may 20th, 2012 | mesa, az photographer | elisha j. schabel

here’s my addition to the many thousands in the westcoast, that have probably photographed this solar eclipse tonight. I was completely unprepared and it was on the fly, very spur-of-the-moment. I didn’t know about it until my sister from NM, texted me asking if I was going to photograph it tonight (right as it was happening!). I looked it up on the internet and then outside and ran out the door. I didn’t have a filter. So, the best shots I got were right before it set. For a few others I got using my sunglasses as a make shift “filter” in front of the lens. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. I enjoyed my peaceful alone time as I photographed it and pondered about this beautiful world, God has created. Now my poor retinas need to rest. I keep seeing half moon “pacmans” every time I blink. :) …e *on the following two images you can only see the reflection of the eclipse on the side of the sun that was reflected off to the side of my sunglasses. I thought that was pretty cool as I didn’t know I even could see anything until I processed […]

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