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Introducing Flash Back Fridays-Remembering the Bourdo/Shaffer Wedding

Introducing FLASHBACK FRIDAYS! I have SO much work that I don’t think has ever been published to the web and with a new blog now is my chance to show you!

I LOVE weddings! There is just something magical about them! I guess because you can’t help but fall in love all over again as you see a new couple becoming one and how romantic and dreamy they can be! Wherever you may be in life it sure helps bring out your belief in true love. I love LOVE! I’m such a sap and a hopeless…no I like to say hopeFULL romantic and I probably cry at just about every wedding I have photographed over the past 5.5 yrs! I fell in love with the man who became my best friend and then my husband while shooting weddings with him when we met over 5 yrs ago! I’m a very reminiscent and nostalgic person and I love to look back in time and see how far I’ve come and what I was doing say around this time last year or perhaps years ago! About this time April 28th 2007, just 3 yrs ago my amazing cousin Gregg Bourdo, from OH, got married to his sweetheart Brie also from OH! My cousin decided to fly all the way out from OH to get married in AZ at the Wright House in Mesa, AZ. What were the odds! I was so lucky to be chosen to shoot their wedding! At the time of my cousin’s wedding I was a newly-wed by just about 2 wks! It was an exciting time for me and also for our photography company! That particular day we were double booked with weddings! And that meant I would have to shoot this one all alone! I was told I was good enough and that I could do it! To be completely honest I lacked faith in myself and my talent and skill level to be able to pull off such a feat. I had only ever shot a handful of weddings by myself and each time I was shaking in my boots! And Gregg and Brie’s wedding was no different. My ex and I were always shooting together and lets be honest I used him as kind of my “crutch” and if I had any questions or if something went wrong he was my “go to guy” It was a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one! He is a very talented photographer in his own right and I’m very grateful to him for showing me the “ropes” of the wedding photography business and teaching me all that he knew. I’m forever grateful to him for helping me get started and giving me the confidence and encouragement that I needed to do this particular wedding all on my own and most especially now that we are divorced just a few yrs later. It’s taken me some time now but I finally have the confidence to do it alone! I loved having had this experience because I was forced to “rise to the challenge” and I succeeded and it felt SO good! I owe him a lot for helping me to hone my skills and talent and helping me find my true passion in life which is photography and weddings most especially! I’m continuing to “spread my wings and fly” and grateful for every “shoot” that comes my way because it allows me to stretch and see what I’m made of! “Watch me soar!” is one of my own personal mottos for myself! As I’m now forced to “spread these wings and fly” and rise to every challenge that has been placed in front of me since the divorce! Sometimes we don’t find our wings until we are forced to and I’m forever grateful of the reminder of my very own wings! I just need to remember to use them and have faith in myself! Thanks again Gregg and Brie! Happy 3rd Anniversary! I’m so excited for all the weddings that I will shoot in the future! I have come a long way baby and have LOTS of goals and dreams to go! I would love to be your photographer and show you too what I’m made of and how I can bring out the passion and romance and LOVE in YOUR wedding!

Gregg Elisha,

Brie and I want to again express to you our deep appreciation and admiration of the professional quality of your work. We love these wedding pictures and were truly in great hands with you behind the camera lens. You did such a great job that we wish we would have flown you back to Ohio for our other reception 2 weeks later and be our photographer again, it would have been worth it… your photos were 100 times better.

Thank you again,

GreggMay 24, 2010 – 12:54 pm

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