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Jess (Barbie) and Kent | Saguaro Lake Ranch Engagements

I met Kent about 4 years ago at a singles party. He stands out for sure. Not just because he is 6’5 and ridiculously good looking, but he has a bright and kind spirit and is a great listener. He is one of the most kind, caring, and patient men I have met. I have followed his journey of Dental school, dating, spiritual growths, break-ups, and now finding “the one” on Facebook and his old blog. He is a bright light and a great man. I’ve always been impressed by his spirit. I couldn’t wait to find out who this lucky girl would be, that he would choose for eternity. When I saw the announcement via Facebook, I immediately reached out to both of them to congratulate them. I really wanted to be the one to document this time of their lives. I’ve always thought fondly of Kent and have always wanted to see him with a bright light as bright as his. He found Jessica, aka, Jess and it’s been fun to watch their relationship unfold and blossom. Throughout our photo shoots and dozens of texts and emails back and forth, I have gotten to know Jess and have found out what a bright light she is and how sweet and loving she is too. To me, they are a great match all around. For one, they are the quintessential couple and I have affectionately dubbed them, the real life “Barbie and Ken.” As a Photographer we see things that maybe not anyone else can see. We also feel things that may not be as noticeable to others. Kent is so patient and so doting. I love watching him “fix” Jess for photos and make sure she looks her best, as he removes a stray hair or something stuck to her lip. He would tell me secrets and likes and dislikes as she was changing outfits. He aims to please her in every way and knows her very well. She aims to please him right back.  The way he whistles  and tells her how beautiful she is, is quite something to witness, and is quite comical and keeps me smiling . The way her eyes light up and the beautiful grin she shows, when he is near,  is the cutest. I loved this engagement session at Saguaro Lake. When we were shooting on the docks, he was reminiscing about their days playing on the lake and said this lake is special to them as this was where their relationship blossomed, so it was awesome we were able to take their portraits by the lake that means so much to them. I love to do this for engagements. Not only will you love looking back at these portraits, but hopefully you will remember the fun we had creating them together. Here are just a few of so many favorites that I have. When you have such beautiful people, narrowing down images is a struggle! I love these two and feel blessed to have documented this magical time in their lives. I’m thrilled for them.  And… I love my job. xo…e

and of course my faves, which are “outtakes” from the shoot. The first image is of Ken removing the sticker from the bottom of her shoes.(too cute.) He’s so helpful. The 2nd – he had done a hard core leg day workout the day before and he was so sore. So he was showing her to not put so much pressure on his legs and where it hurt. ha ha. The 3rd is her barefoot trying to walk over slimy riverbed rocks, checking her balance. (the things I make my poor clients do) and they love me for it, right? So glad they didn’t fall! phew.



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