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scott+elyse=engaged! | phoenix desert botanical gardens engagement photographer | elle j. schabel

i have known scott for about 4 yrs from the lovely single scene. i met elyse the day of the shoot. what a fun session you guys! elyse is the sweetest girl ever and was down for anything! she rocked those heals like a boss! everyone was impressed by her hiking skills up the rock in HEALS! you can tell a lot about a girl and her shoes. she’s strong, powerful, fun, flirty, willing to get dirty, accepting of a challenge, even if it may be painful, as she laughs and smiles so beautifully, as Scott also smiled and gently and ever so lovingly held her hand and helped her along the way. i can tell this power couple is going to have a strong marriage. as a photographer i can read into a lot just from the engagement session. (yes i pay attention to every detail) it’s neat to see how they accept challenges and how they are going to face life together just by spending a few hours taking their portraits. they are both SO positive and have a zest and flair for life. it’s true and real love and i couldn’t be happier for them both! thanks for an amazing session. i wish you all the happiness in the world and throughout eternity! xo…e

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