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why it pays to book with elle | attention to detail and post processing of your images in LR and Photoshop

Welcome!  If you’re coming from my YouTube video on this image, here you’ll see the final fully retouched and cropped product!
Read down below to see the before and the video will be posted below if you’re not coming from YouTube and would like to see it! xo…elle

I always get a lot of emails and comments from fans or potential clients or admirers of my work, saying that all my clients look like pro-models (especially my boudoir clients) CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY BOUDOIR PINTEREST PAGE. Can I just say what a HUGE compliment that is to me!

Of COURSE my clients are beautiful, but it is my job to enhance that beauty and pull it out of them while shooting.

What a lot of people may not know is this:

1. Photography takes lots of directing. I am your director as well as your “modeling” coach and Photographer. I coach and show you your every move, position, and pose!
**Did you know I practice posing in the mirror just for you? (Especially for my boudoir clients!)
Posing does come naturally for me and I do have some modeling training from my past being a modeling scout for Wilhelmina, etc. I’ve been in and around this industry and obsessed with modeling since I was a teen! I feel so bossy at the end of a shoot, that I feel sometimes I have beat my clients up with too many demanding directions.(that’s just part of the job.)
My clients are VERY happy with how I directed them and that I gave direction, period, at the end of each shoot. Most will book me and say, “I’m not a model.” or “I’ve never done this before” or “I’ll need your help.”
That’s my job and I gladly help. You didn’t book me because you’re a professional model. And if you are, that makes my job SO much easier. But there are even models who I’ve had to direct and pose. True story.
2. Great photos don’t just happen. There’s a lot of behind the scenes prep work and thought processes going on in my brain, well before your shoot, during your shoot, and of course well after your shoot while I’m processing them and editing them to perfection.
3. There is some sort of enhancement done to EVERY final image you will see. Even my proofs I will show to clients have some sort of enhancement. Because let’s be honest, folks, no one wants to ever see themselves STRAIT out of camera. Well, maybe that’s just me. But I much prefer the photoshopped version of myself and I’ll venture to say most everyone these days does! Think about all the filters on your phones and Instagram alone. No one really truly enjoys a strait out of camera shot. It’s just not the kind of society in which we live. And that’s okay. I like to think that’s because we are all artists or wanna be artists. Right?

Here’s the image on the left in color (Strait Out Of Camera) and on the right enhanced slightly and converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom.
95% of my work and post processing is done in Lightroom and the fine tune enhancements (if I or my clients desire them) happen in Adobe Photoshop

here they are side by side to see from start to finish after skin enhancing and digital makeup contouring and digital botox, Sandy calls it.

4. Because every image, even proofs have some sort of enhancement or processing done, getting your proofs and especially your final images, takes time. I will say the quicker you choose from your proofs, the potentially quicker you will receive them back. I’m a perfectionist. I pay attention to every detail while we are shooting and most especially when I’m processing your images. So trust me, I’m JUST as excited for you to receive them as you are. Maybe even more so. I do get a lot of texts and emails even the next day or two after your shoot and no matter how quickly I work, they won’t be ready yet. I desire you to absolutely adore your final images, and perfection takes time! :)As always I appreciate my patient clients! They are wonderful and value their final images they receive via my Pixieset site, where they receive all their final images, with instant access to download the full resolution file, with a PIN given only to the client.  Galleries can be private or open to the public. I let you decide.
5. I do Photography full time.  So therefore, I’m juggling a lot of clients and projects at once. I wear many hats throughout my days as not just a Photographer, but a Marketer, a web designer, a secretary who has to email all my clients every day and break focus from editing, and then there is training and staying up-to-date on all the latest trends and further Marketing on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest,etc.  As much as we’d like to or probably should be, as Photographers, we aren’t sitting in front of our computers editing during our 10-15 hr work days.

6. I love my job. I’m passionate about what I do.  This is what thrills me and excites me.  I’m the Photographer who will go the extra mile just to make sure you’re satisfied and to make sure I am satisfied as well.  Like for example, doing make-up, or retouching hair and make-up during all shoots.  I have a high level of skill sets to help me with this entire profession and I’m grateful and feel blessed for it and so do my clients!  I’m so grateful to be doing this full time and able to set my own hours and get to choose who to photograph and what to photograph.  And I can’t wait to shoot you, next!

 here are the 3 images side by side to see them before the crop and compare!

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and in case you’d like to see the YouTube video here’s the link:SANDY-BEFORE/AFTER VIDEO

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